Specialized Concrete
Experience is Key

General contractors, architects, and owners have come to depend on specialists for concrete forming, placement and finishing. They recognize that the specialist accumulates experience, know-how and personnel by installing hundreds of jobs per year.

CCC does concrete work exclusively, making us the superior choice for jobs requiring specialized concrete experience.

As an experienced concrete specialist, Cleveland Cement Contractors, Inc. possesses knowledgeable supervision skills, enabling us to cooperate with labor, recognize competent workers and know where to locate them in other areas if local conditions make it necessary. CCC's years of experience add up to appreciable efficiency, real economy and top-quality results.

Why choosing the right Concrete Contractor is vital to any projects success.

Concrete is a vital component of any structure. It supports the gross weight and dynamic loading of a structures equipment, furnishings, inventories, vehicles and people; and it expedites the movement of traffic throughout the building.

Often, exposed concrete is subjected to greater hazard and abuse than any other part of the structure. It must withstand weight, abrasion, shock, expansion, contraction, moisture, dirt, stains and similar destructive influences.

The concrete portions of the structure, therefore become a crucial part of the builder's total investment in the building. Should these structural elements deteriorate or fail, repair or replacement of the surface can be more expensive than the original construction and production downtime can push costs even higher. Sound, well-built concrete is an extremely good investment, one that pays handsome dividends in years of trouble-free service.

It is therefore, very important that extra care be taken in the installation of the concrete portions of any structure. It is for this reason that a reputable, seasoned concrete contractor, with years of solid, on the job experience and a long list of satisfied customers, be consulted for any concrete project.

Cleveland Cement Contractors has the skill, the experience and the references that make us the right choice for all your concrete needs.